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Thread: Frustrated... Lets eat seasonally then.

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    Now that I live in the south, I keep my potatoes in the veggie bins in the fridge, but I take them out of the plastic bags. When I lived in central WA state, I could keep them in the "mudroom" almost all year except June, July, and August. I could keep eggs in the mudroom from about Oct/Nov through early April. In central WA, we used to say we had three seasons: Fall, Winter, and August.

    If I am eating seasonally, I think the health benefits would be through variety.

    Asmodeuskraemer, I haven't noticed that I want to eat more meat, but potatoes seem to have replaced my yen for fruit.
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    Thank y'all for your input. Brought up interesting points that something is always in season somewhere... lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Reindeer View Post
    I'm gonna go against the stream and say that I don't think seasonal eating is really gonna help you cut the weight. It might, it might not, but at the end of the line all the carb-heavy fruits come into season during the autumn. That's the time when all the mammals begin to put on some fat to last them through the winter. This is true for carnivores and omnivores alike.
    And there's the key, especially to diabetes. Animals eat a bunch of fat-creating foods all fall, they actually become insulin resistant to help, and somewhat into the winter, then they get sleepy, slow, and very, very cold, with low light levels and little to no produce as the winter wears on. That's when the fat that they put on burns off as it sustains them and they go on to a lean, reproductive spring.

    We do the same thing, at least in the fall. Our problem is we keep those high carb levels, higher temps, & higher light levels all year long (often with winter-like activity levels), and the mismatch between them all keeps us in fall (diabetic) mode all year long. At least, it does for a lot of us. Not everyone is predisposed for this to happen.

    IDK, it's a theory that makes sense to me.

    Doesn't Bernstein recommend you track your blood sugar after everything to see what you can eat? I would think that would tell you whether fall/winter produce is appropriate for you or not.
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    I think the main benefit to eating seasonally is that when you eat locally you are eating better quality foods and supporting local agriculture. With a closer, more personal relationship with your farmer, you can support his efforts to do things in a more environmentally sound manner or exert economic pressure on him if he isn't a good steward to the land and his animals. Eating less locally you don't even know if that's real olive oil or real honey. You can be cheated, the environment can be cheated, the animals can be abused.
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    Doesn't Bernstein recommend you track your blood sugar after everything to see what you can eat? I would think that would tell you whether fall/winter produce is appropriate for you or not.
    Yes, as does Dr. Davis. I had quit doing this but am starting again. I can't afford to play around
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