I posted before about my dd not eating much solids. She's 18.5 months old now-- still not eating much. She's gaining weight steadily, though rather thin.

I took dd in for routine vaccinations last week, and when the pediatrician learned that I wasn't supplementing with formula or infant cereal, and that dd didn't like dairy, she said she was concerned about dd's calcium levels. It's not the first time I've been told breastmilk is deficient in certain nutrients beyond 12 months. We live in tropical weather and dd is out in the sun for hours a day.

Anyway, so the ped said I should feed dd tofu for calcium. Of course, I didn't take her seriously. My sister was with me though, and the message she got was that my dd isn't eating enough to meet her growing needs (which is what everyone thinks, lol).

Just wanted to rant! Who can we trust for nutritional advice??!