Hello guys.

I have been working at this for months with a huge amount of success in terms of knowledge but in terms of
results, there are but not considering the amount of effort im putting forward, it seems to me maybe im biting in the wrong area so to speak?

The story.
Have had problems with fatigue/energy for years, would gget fatigued out of nowhere for a couple of hours, and that is still the same now where as i have detected a llink, If i eat foods i experience fatigue, and it can be a variety of foods, Where as if i eat nothing for say a 6-7 hour period i feel fantastic. I went too the doctors had all tests done everything came back normal, bar inflammation levels. Ive been for several tests and ive noticed a direct link too food and inflammation, i remember i went for a blood test once and felt good, i thought the test would come back sound, It did, inflammation levels were fine. I then repeated the test a few weeks later after food consumption, i experienced heavy fatigue, my inflammation levels had increased quite a bit.
I have been testing a lot of different foods, avoiding sugar, eating just veg/meats, Taking vitamin d3, cod liver oil 2000mg daily, B complex vitamins, and so fourth too not much improvement too be fair, Nowhere near as awesome as i feel when i eat nothing, its quite amazing to be honest.
For example i didnt eat last night for about 7 hours, i came home eat quite a moderate sized plate of vegetables on their own, within ten minutes i experienced my eyes fill up, sneezing etc, run down/fatigued, now i dont get stomach pains etc or bloating so im guessing this is an allergy. I guess theres a lot more too this for instance i havent been tested for acidity/alkalin levels in the gut, Or pretty much anything other than liver/kidney function test. I am endlessly trying too figure this out and i believe i am progressing, I am going too further experiment by now eliminating these vegetables as of last night and trying a different food source tommorow fresh, Im guessing if i experience the same feeling after eating a different food that doesnt contain sugars or yeast etc would this be down too a leaky gut?.
My symptoms can vary also after food intake anywhere from fatigue/cold/sneezing too small twitches then sometimes too even bad chests/illness for a day or three etc. I believe this could be correlated too chronic fatigue but when i dont eat i feel fantastic.
I also have got a problem with worms which ive had for a few years but doctors would not listen too me, reason i know this as ive seen small white threads in my stools, i am now eating garlic/onion/ginger daily and have ordered Humaworm product that is on the way as of next week. I have not yet started my probiotics as i wanted advice as weather too start them after ive done the humaworm or maybe too begin now?.
I greatly appreciate any advice given, i am fighting on a daily basis too see improvements but the diet does not seem too be enough.