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Thread: Safe Ways to Take Hot Food On-The-Go?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sarasue624 View Post
    I take my morning (hot) coffee in a mason jar with a coozie around it - that way I can toss it in my bookbag and it won't leak everywhere like most thermoses will.
    This is a great idea. I am a crafter, so ideas for cozies popped into my head. How long will yours keep things warm? I'm thinking a solid warm food would hold heat longer than a liquid, also.

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    We use a tiffin from the Indian market store (about $10-$12) for dry things, things unlikely to leak, or that don;t need to be kept at a certain temperature like nuts, dried fruit, even salami, sausages, etc...etc...and the above mentioned thermos for hot things and soup, sweet potatoes etc... I also have an insulated back pack that we throw our lunches into so that helps with temperature regulation.

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    Reusing coconut oil jars is a good idea; wish I'd checked up on this thread before I took all my recycling out yesterday! I think I'm going to get a couple of the Thermos bowls, thanks for all the replies!

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