Sup all! I've been doing keto for a couple of months and I love it. It overlaps perfectly with primal eating and I feel great when I'm doing it. I also like to do IF and alternate day fasting when in ketosis because it's great for fat loss. My question comes up because my aunt has decided to lose weight as a new years resolution and came to me with this: Lose Weight by Fasting | Men's Health.

I'm not sure on it exactly but I think it's just an 8 hour eating window plan. I told her to GO FOR IT!! Skipping breakfast was a great move for me when it came to my diet, I would never go back.

My question is: is there a difference becoming fat-adapted and ketosis? I feel like one has to be in ketosis to reap the full benefits of IF. I am concerned that my aunt will get sick/no energy for job kinda thing that people complain about when skipping breakfast. I strongly recommended this site, however I feel like I can't really recommend ketosis because it is too extreme (not imo but for many). What advice should I give her ???? HELP!