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Thread: Foods for long distance walk

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    How about cans of sardines and tuna? Or bananas? Those come in their own wrapper, ya know

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    I have a cheap Ronco "as seen on TV" dehydrator. Works great. I use parchment paper for the mashed potatoes or things that will fall through the trays.
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    I've been on paleo for only 6 weeks now but I'm a keen walker and had a few problems when I was trying to be low carb. Its a case of finding out for yourself really, but what works for me when I'm more active is fresh fruit such as bananas, oranges, apples, grapes, pears - not too much dried fruit really because it can dehydrate me if I eat too much, as others have also said, but some is ok. I also use jerky and nuts, but for a day walk, fresh fruit is all I need in my bag. The longer I am on this diet the more efficient my body gets, even in these 6 weeks I've noticed a progression. Today I went out walking for 3 hours on just a handful of dates, I had 3 bananas in my bag and never even reached for them. Previously I would have been eating flapjacks, chocolate, the stuff I used to think was energy food. What you eat the day before is probably more important.

    If I'm at rest during the day however I cut back on the fruit, because I need less of it - at home I'm more likely to be eating vegetables, salad, nuts seeds + meats.
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