I stumbled upon this site while researching the pair of Vibram FiveFingers I am going to purchase later this evening. My mind exploded.

I have been sugar free, though I do use honey instead (sugar makes me lethargic, sluggish and tired) for many years with a diet absent of processed and refined foods. I love meat and nuts and eat a lot of protein (tuna, whey, chicken and beef) to supplement my anaerobic workouts. Snacks consist of seeds, dried fruit and vegetables.

While I do eat complex carbs (grapenuts, pasta) usually it is out of laziness and time commitments. This primal movement (and Mark & his wife's bodies) is enough to motivate me further.

I feel like my personal modus operandi for healthy living has been triumphed by so many other people! It is a hugely motivational to want to go further! And also a great sense of pride to keep me on my track.

side story- I work in a company whose owner is vegan. We have a stocked kitchen with free all-vegan food. twice a week we are catered soups and salds or wraps. (a great benefit no doubt). However a few months after the change to all vegan was annnounced I had lost almost 15 lbs (that I don't really have to lose) and didn't have enough energy to go to the gym after work. My body was lacking in power and when I did have the energy for anarobic I was not getting the protein intake to rebuild my muscles. Essentially I was wasting energy and losing muscle.

I have since reversed the trend. This makes me feel happier knowing there is evidence suggesting I am not alone in my nutritional mores.

26, m Denver,co