The last few weeks I've noticed my hair is suuuuuuper dry - not sure if it's related to some other systemic issues I'm dealing with or just regular polar winter dryness, but it's making me a bit nuts.

I have curly, just-past shoulder length fine hair, but there's a ton of it so it's thiiiiick, and freakin' dry especially at the ends. I shampoo rarely (once every two weeks at most) and I don't heat style more than once or so a week, preferring to leave it as its natural, untamed awesomeness. Except it's been less than awesome as of late.

Any of you out there have treatments, regular daily conditioning favourites or other tips to share? I'm on the hunt for a reliable daily conditioner (thinking of going back to my old standby, Biolage Conditioning Balm) and a once- or twice-a-week treatment to try and get some moisture back into my mane. I tried coconut oil last week (which has worked for me before) but was left with a giant, staticky mess instead. Seriously, it was full of static while the oil was on my hair. Feel free to try and explain that one.

I'm also making sure I'm getting plenty of water to drink during the day as I know I let myself get pretty dehydrated over the holidays...oy.

Many thanks!