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Thread: Dry hair - tips and tricks, ladies?

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    Dry hair - tips and tricks, ladies?

    The last few weeks I've noticed my hair is suuuuuuper dry - not sure if it's related to some other systemic issues I'm dealing with or just regular polar winter dryness, but it's making me a bit nuts.

    I have curly, just-past shoulder length fine hair, but there's a ton of it so it's thiiiiick, and freakin' dry especially at the ends. I shampoo rarely (once every two weeks at most) and I don't heat style more than once or so a week, preferring to leave it as its natural, untamed awesomeness. Except it's been less than awesome as of late.

    Any of you out there have treatments, regular daily conditioning favourites or other tips to share? I'm on the hunt for a reliable daily conditioner (thinking of going back to my old standby, Biolage Conditioning Balm) and a once- or twice-a-week treatment to try and get some moisture back into my mane. I tried coconut oil last week (which has worked for me before) but was left with a giant, staticky mess instead. Seriously, it was full of static while the oil was on my hair. Feel free to try and explain that one.

    I'm also making sure I'm getting plenty of water to drink during the day as I know I let myself get pretty dehydrated over the holidays...oy.

    Many thanks!

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    Thick, fine, dry curlyish gal here.

    A humidifier in your bedroom. Some non-primal products (Redkin smooth down works for me). A "treatment" at the salon. Slick pillowcases (like satin, faaaaancy).

    Mostly, though, a ponytail holder for inside and cute ear warmer a for outside.

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    Regular hair cuts, and I use coconut oil on the ends (middle to end of hair) -- put it on in the shower, and you have to rinse a fair bit, but it does work to decrease dryness. Mine was like cotton for a while there. Split ends, dry hair. Hair cut plus coconut oil as conditioner worked well.

    I also only wash my hair once a week -- vinegar rinse, then coconut oil after that.

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    I have waist length thick coarse hair thats pretty easy care, I usually wash once every 5-7 days , scrunch a lil bit of oil through ,and let air dry.
    Coconut oil screws up my hair royally.. it makes it downright brittle and dry.
    I prefer emu oil (also good for skin ) or Argan oil.
    I'm actually thinking of going shampoo-less soon & just using a good conditioner to "wash" with. my hairs been kinda dry lately with the 50mph winds & salty air (I live right by the north sea, weather is not the best in winter)

    I actually worked a large dollop of Emu oil into my hair this morning as a conditioning treatment & will wash it out tonight.. That usually works quite well to super condition & moisturize my hair.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DinoHunter View Post
    I'm actually thinking of going shampoo-less soon & just using a good conditioner to "wash" with.
    I do this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by winencandy View Post
    I do this.
    i have tight spiral curls that do great on that

    but then eventually my ocd kicks in and says 'WE WON'T FEEL CLEAN WITHOUT 3 SHAMPOOINGS, GRAB THE BOTTLE NOW!'

    yeah you are

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    I have pretty thick, wavy hair and mine gets really dry at the ends too. In the winter, I try to deep condition every few weeks. I dampen my hair, load it up with conditioner, wrap it in a bun and throw on a shower cap and let it sit for like, 30 minutes. If I'm feeling especially motivated I'll blast it with a blow dryer on warm for a few minutes before rinsing it out. I have to be careful not to put too much on the roots or else it'll be a greasy mess.

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    Microwave coconut oil. Apply to hair. Put on a shower cap over it, and run a hair dryer through the outside for a few minutes. Shampoo thoroughly.
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    The only thing that gives me relief from my hair this time of year is a bun. A braid is second best. A ponytail is third. My hair is so full of static I can't even run my hands along it. I put jojoba oil on it but I don't see much difference.
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    I'm a big fan of Lush hair products and Weleda's Rosemary Hair Oil. Together, those have brought my hair back from a recent bleaching disaster.

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