What you need per person:

4-5 oz of bacon chopped into pieces
˝ of a Haas avocado
Fresh fennel (the bulb part) about an ounce or two sliced very thinly
˝ Tblspn Balsamic vinegar

Cook bacon in pan. When bacon is about half way ready, add the fennel.

Slice the avocado thin like you would for a salad (cubed would be fine, but wouldn’t look as pretty). Fan the slices out on a plate.

When bacon is done to your liking (some of the fennel will be right on the verge of burning), spoon the bacon on top of the avocado slices.

Drizzle on the Balsamic.


This small plate covers a few little late night cravings: salty, meaty, creamy, crunchy, with just a touch of sweet from the fennel and Balsamic.