I am 29 yr old, ex amateur fighter out of San Fran. I trained so much and ate fairly clean but as a heavy weight, 265 lbs was easy to maintain. Now family came into the picture, I moved on in life but my body was still expecting the same level of intensity. After several years of muscle loss due to an office setting and a poor diet with a heavy desire for baked goods, my stats are now

6'3, 280lbs. I have before pictures, but then again I have before pictures of the last several years thanks to thinking I'd go on a cut. I've had successful cuts in the past but nothing long lasting since my belief was I could cut the weight then maintain it. I gave myself too much credit since I wasn't making a life style change.

My wife 5'4 190 lbs is in the same boat. Never lost the baby weight. I was turned onto MDA due to a co worker and have started the combing through the website process.

I was going to go straight PSMF but knew it wouldn't solve the issue of the lifestyle eating habits. After promoting to a position in my company that gives me more time, primarily time for the gym and the flexibility to focus on what my diet is.

Height of my health during training
RDL - 450lbs
Bench - 325lbs
Squat - 390lbs
OH press - 185lbs

RDL - 185lbs
Bench - 225lbs
Squat - 205lbs
OH press - 95lbs

I dont need the weights from before, but definitely can do better than what I have now. With a solid fuel burning base of fat rather than the rollercoaster of carbs I think I'll see fast improvements in performance.