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Thread: Althaur's Primal Warrior Journal.

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    Althaur's Primal Warrior Journal.

    Time to start my own journal on here after lurking for so long.

    I'm 41 years old, 6'1" and currently 215 lbs. I've been eating Primal since the beginning of 2009. When I started I was at my heaviest at 245. My lowest was 190 lbs, but I've put a back on by getting a little sloppy with my eating. Also, before I deployed, it was a lot easier to go home and snuggle on the couch with my girl than it was to get to the gym.

    Since we're going to Jamaica when I get back from Afghanistan, it's time to make sure my beach body is back in order. I'll use this to track my meals, and workouts. Also to post my general ramblings and rants.

    I'm a soldier currently on a wonderful all expenses paid vacation thanks to Uncle Sam. So eating is a challenge. The chowhalls aren't always accomodating.

    So, for today so far, I've had a Primal Fuel Chocolate Coconut shake made with coconut milk, milk and a scoop of whey protein. I also had some milk duds while I was sitting at my desk bored out of my mind. Sigh.

    Avoiding the grains is so easy for me. It's the sugar that has always been the hard part. The stuff is like crack! One bite and I want more. Hopefully, writing about my indiscretions on here will help control it.

    I don't have any good before photos out here, but here are some before and after photos. Hopefully someone finds this entertaining enough to read and comment every once in a great while.

    Stay safe!

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