I've been primal for 2 years and I've reaped huge health benefits. However, I've been struggling to lower my BP. The funny thing is I have no family history of HBP, so I'm at a loss to what could be causing it. I'm beginning to suspect that maybe I'm low in certain vitamins and minerals. I'm also under a lot of stress because of work (military) so that could be a cause. And I drink my fair share of coffee, but I find that hard to believe it could raise my BP that much.

I've also been fighting a bought of cold feet and just all around low body temp as well. A couple weeks ago I went to the doc for an unrelated issue and my vitals were a temp of 97.5 and BP of around 140/85. I've done some digging on the internet and I suspect I might have an iodine deficiency, and I've also heard supplementing iodine can be pretty dangerous. Today I took a kelp supplement and my body temp did a 180 so I suspect iodine may be a culprit.

So my question is - What vitamin and mineral deficiencies can cause an elevated BP? Are kelp supplements safe, and what else should I take?