Hey there,
So I am just recently trying to incorporate exercise into my daily life because my jobs before have always sort of involved it naturally (raft guiding, backpacking, etc). Now I am going back to school and got a job at a natural foods store while I do so. Here is my issue: I eat a nice, greens and protein heavy breakfast and then go to work all day, and my energy levels reach a high point about mid-day. This is when I want to exercise, but obviously I am at work and can't do so. So I have been trying to come up with a few exercises to do while I am there - I do lifts on the counter by the cash register, squats, and other light movements when I can get away with it. I am on my feet all day and do a fair bit of walking. But I want to come up with some clever ways to sneak some good strengthening exercises into my everyday life. My other issue is that I just can't seem to motivate to exercise in the morning and by the end of the day I am wiped. My fibromyalgia is also a factor in this - primal eating has helped a LOT but I still have energy issues, and want to get as much out of my periods of energy as possible! Any tips out there?