Anyone else following this or planning on it?
I think I might.
I was looking at Starting Strength, but I don't think its right for me at this point.
I used to do CrossFit (until April 12) but have gained about 20 kg since stopping, since I was also back to eating SAD.
I may do this program but modify it slightly. Eg instead of d/b shoulder press, do a barbell overhead press, and instead of lat pull downs, use the pull-up machine until I can do pullups again (unless I take a band to the gym, which I suppose I could do).
Not sure ill do the specified ab stuff, maybe just planks instead.
I am just at a loss as what to do weight wise at the moment. I know I want to go back to lifting heavy, but not sure how to start without injuring myself.

Maybe its best to stick to my daily walks (at least 5 km each day).
Argh LOL, help!