Ok, overly dramatic thread title is overly dramatic! It's really just a quick question.

A few days ago, I tried two new dishes. One involved spaghetti squash as "pasta", one involved mashing cauliflower with butter and salt. Both were delicious. Nothing else I ate that week was new or exciting.

Later that night, something horrible happened in my digestive system. For the good of the community, I will not describe it here; however, it was not unlike a certain key scene from Alien. It didn't leave me dead on the kitchen table, but it did leave me in such a state that death seemed extremely attractive.

I'm sure either the squash or the cauliflower was responsible, and I've been avoiding both of them both ever since, due to PTSD.

Any thoughts on which might have been the culprit? Or might it have been the combination of the two?