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    heatseeker, that sounds awesome. I add parmesan (or mozzarella) cheese, but basically do the same type of meal. If someone would have told me a year ago that I'd like meat sauce on a squash, I'd have laughed. But I love the stuff.

    Also, I can eat an entire tblsp of butter now with no queasiness. I know there are people here who think that's wimpy, but avoiding fats for decades can do a number on one's digestion.
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    To top spaghetti squash my husband makes an alfredo-like sauce out of coconut milk. . . super good! Put some chicken thighs on top of that - it's one of my favorite meals.

    I have to admit that we eat cauliflower far more often than squash, though. He makes a delicious "pizza crust" out of cauliflower and some almond meal and throws some pesto, chicken and broccoli on top. Equally as delicious! More often we eat it simply tossed in some olive oil and roasted in the oven.

    Let us know how the experiment goes!

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    Agree with the likelihood of cauliflower being the culprit - unless neither were cooked thoroughly. I have problems with raw-ish veggies. Hard to mash a slightly cooked cauli though.

    Purees make it easier to eat more, though.

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    Purple Leather Couch, can you PM me that alfredo recipe? I've been trying to make good paleo alfredo for years and have never gotten a good result!

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    No problem. Just shot you the recipe!

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    in my opinion, spaghetti squash can do no wrong...and cauliflower is just plain untrustworthy.

    but, if you want to figure it out you should probably try each recipe individually, in a smaller amount. it could be neither of them, or you could figure out how evil cauliflower is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by merryish View Post
    Later that night, something horrible happened in my digestive system. For the good of the community, I will not describe it here; however, it was not unlike a certain key scene from Alien. It didn't leave me dead on the kitchen table, but it did leave me in such a state that death seemed extremely attractive.

    I have no answers for you but want to thank you for giving me the best belly-laugh I've had all day. Your description was funny as hell.

    You sure it was the veggies? Because the only time I've gotten sick like that it was either food poisoning or the stomach flu.
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    cauliflower is a brassica and has goitrogens and messes with your thyroid ( eat moah iodine... oh no i didnt,,,,, oh yes i did LOL ). We are team spaghetti squash in these parts.

    but we are also team butter, and gellatin, and coconut oil, so we probably dont count.
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    Quote Originally Posted by heatseeker View Post
    I like to do Italian night with spaghetti squash and a meat sauce that includes both Italian sausage and ground beef. Lots of garlic, olive oil, and red pepper flakes.
    A kindred soul! I just prepared the same thing this week..all of the joy of Italian without any of the heavy feeling.

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    I wasn't able to test out the squash theory last night - when I got home, my room mate had dinner waiting on the stove! Some sort of .... thing.... she had concocted out of ground beef, diced tomatoes, and a bit of every vegetable and spice we had in the house. It was lovely, warming, and probably impossible to ever reproduce. I'm calling it goulash, because it looked and tasted like what I think goulash would look and taste like - though I have to admit, I have no idea what goulash is actually made with.

    But I'll try out the squash tonight - there's a greater chance of a late Mayan apocalypse than of my roomie cooking two nights in a row.

    Purple Leather Couch, I would love to see that recipe, too!

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