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Thread: The Scoop on Protein Drinks? Help please :)

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    The Scoop on Protein Drinks? Help please :)

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    I've recently acquired protein drinks called Premiere Protein (the chocolate kind). They're pretty good. They have 30g of protein and only 1g of sugar. I was wondering if these are completely against PB or are there some acceptable and healthy kinds? Help please

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    Several threads asking this question have been started recently. Do a quick search and you will likely find your answer.

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    Chocolate Shake Nutritional Information • Premier Protein® • Energy for Every Day™

    pretty much the only ingredient I see on there that I'd like to ingest is... water.

    ETA: I might be exaggerating, but... not much.

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    IMO it has way too many questionable ingredients, and it doesn't even say what kind of sweetener they use (I'm assuming it tastes sweet). You'd be better off making your own protein shake with a nice protein isolate powder, coconut milk from a can and some berries. I use strawberries.
    Better yet, eat real food.

    Oh, i see. Sucralose is not really Primal.
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