I've been primal for about 4 months now (every since i returned from deployment). I am about 97/3 primal to not. I lift weights and sprint, and do so with 0 starches other than sweet potatoes every week or so. The only time I feel reallyyy hungry is about 8pm. I have dinner around 5-6pm.

So what I usually do is mix a cup of FAGE Greek yogurt (plain) with 1 scoop of vanilla whey, cinnamon, and a scoop of almond butter. This is my go-to bedtime snack. I have it about evry 3 days the other days I just blend whey with frozen berries and ice so it has a creamy consistency like yogurt without the dairy.

The only problem with the FAGE is I cannot find full fat greek organic yogurt ANYWHERE. So I go with 2% FAGE.

What are your go-to bedtime snacks and why???