I am 6í2Ē, weigh about 185 and want to get to 175. Iím in fairly decent shape and am completely behind the philosophy of eating this way- today is day 3. That said, I am in the Army and serving in Kuwait- I do not have many options regarding organic/grass fed/non-GMO foods. Iím fairly certain our diet consists of whatever is cheapest and will last longest. Regardless, I can avoid sweets/sugars/grains and can eat plenty of animal and leafy green vegetables. As itís the holidays however, there are care packages of sweets everywhere. To curb those cravings this evening I ate, in one sitting, what I estimate to be 30-40 ounces of a mix of chicken breast (boneless skinless), pork roast, and turkey wings (Iím guessing c. 2000-2500+ calories; net carbs is likely less than 6 (I had 3-5 cups of raw spinach as well) but the number of calories has me concerned. I ate just over 4000 calories for the day, cumulative net carbs are around 40; I intend to stay below 50 for at least 10 days and will endeavor for 21. Has anyone else gone through this bingeing with any sort of frequency? Is this bingeing? I look forward to reading any reply.