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Thread: Apple Cider Vinegar? Anyone Use It?

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    Apple Cider Vinegar? Anyone Use It?

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    I hear it's really good for you. It apparently has something to do with making your body more alkaline.

    Anyone use it? Have you noticed any health benefits from it?


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    I've heard of that too. Because I've never liked the store bought pre-made salad dressings, ever since I started preparing my food myself, I have used ACV, olive oil and salt to dress my salads. I also use it to pickle all kinds of vegetables. One way or another I incorporate it into my menu almost daily.

    Edit: Almost two years into the Primal lifestyle I have noticed many health benefits. I can't be sure if it could be attributed to consuming apple cider vinegar, or it's just a combination of eating healthier and regular exercise.
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    I put ACV in my water and drink it all throughout the day. I actually really like the flavor of it. I started doing it initially because I have no health insurance (I know, I know... bad girl, but I'm a contractor, and also I'm young and still believe I'm invincible and all that) and I was looking for ways to decrease my chances of getting sick regularly. I kept doing it because I like the flavor and I really truly stopped getting sick.

    I haven't done a whole lot of research into supposed health benefits. I just know I like it.

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    It is a great remedy for heartburn. One quick shot is usually all it takes.

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    Yes. The first time I used it was because the whites of my eyes looked dull (not yellow, just dull). Brightened them right up. I recently started taking a tablespoon in water in the morning and at night, and a few blemishes I had cleared up and overall my skin looks better. I also like to put a little in my drinking water when I'm not in the mood for plain water.

    Here's something weird. Since I started using it regularly again, my alcohol consumption has gone way down. That's the only real eating change I've made in a couple months, so I think it's linked, but it may be coincidence. Either way, I'm going to continue to take it.
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    How does it make your body more alkaline if it's an acid?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    How does it make your body more alkaline if it's an acid?
    It makes your stomach more acidic which can help with digestive issues which, unlike what the Tums ad would have you believe, are really caused by low acidity leading to incomplete digestion of food.

    I agree, SG. Plus I don't agree with the argument that more alkaline=better.

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    Like Greycat, I use it in dressings as well as cooking all sorts, including bone broth (it goes great in Asian dishes with ginger as well).

    I've been told a shot of it 10-20 mins before eating aids digestion; although after some of the comments I might try adding a little to my water to drink through the day!

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    I have a bit when I have indigestion, it helps a lot. I also take it when I'm having more carbs than normal, it helps the blood sugar response not be so steep.

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