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    In my BBQ sauce, but not as a supplement, as a supplement I usually get wicked cankers as liquid or in capsule form the first week or two and it's just not worth it.
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    I successfully staved off a building bladder infection by drinking Bragg's vinegar in water.
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    I don't ingest it but I have used it on my helps clear up redness. It's cheap so there's minimal downside in trying it.
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    We buy it by the gallon, Braggs brand. Most of it goes into our house vinaigrette, some into broth-making, and the rest just here and there in cooking, like marinades. The people living at this address liberally pour acv vinaigrette onto everything savory, and there are six of them, so we go through a lot of it, hence the gallon.

    I even have one crazy who copied a cousin and eats Braggs acv straight over cukes.

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    Supposed to be good for cellulite - the fat flush plan - years ago I read about this. They use cranberry water but I believe you can use ACV water instead.
    Good for blood sugar control.

    I was searching remedies for lipomas - some people swear by ACV to decrease the size of lipomas.
    Just what I read. Not saying accurate.
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    I drink 2 tsp in 8 oz water twice a day, everyday, I also use 1 part ACV to 3 parts water as a facial toner, I love everything about it. I like the taste, it helps my digestion a ton, makes my skin clear and glowing and I haven't had so much as a cold since I started it.

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    I did take a few tsps a day with some sweetener, and it makes a surprisingly tasty drink. I can't testify to the health benefits though, I felt no differently.
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    I love acv. I have a few drinks every day. My drink is 2 tbsps acv, 1 tbsp honey, and 10 ounces of water. It slams the door on any cravings and is a giant appetite suppressant for me. Much more enjoyable for me than eating coconut oil or one of the other fat bombs people take to stop hunger pangs between meals. I feel happy and energized when I drink it, with or without the honey. It's my go-to skin toner as well - I mix it 50/50 with water and run it over my face with a cotton ball. My pores are minimized and my skin is clear and bright.

    Now I'm trying to clear up a small patch of eczema on the back of my neck. It's working very well so far but it's too soon to tell if this is a permanent change. I just started applying it full strength a few days ago and the patch has never itched since the first application of acv, and is now very dry and seems like it's ready to peel.

    Anyone who wants to try it, be sure to buy Bragg's or a similar type, with "the mother" on the bottom. Shake it well till all of the mother is off of the bottom of the bottle. Rinse your mouth out with water after taking it orally - it can wear away tooth enamel.

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