Hi everyone-

I'm starting a journal to publicly state my goals. Here it goes.
I started 12/29/12, and my goal is to lose 10 pounds by 1/31/13 (would be approx 5 weeks). Maybe a little ambitious, but I am making a goal to stretch for- so even if I don't meet it, I'm working for it and that will push me harder than if it wasn't a stretch goal.

My fantasy: being ripped, a smaller size with more strength. Going to horse shows and looking damn good in those riding breeches. Being able to fit my calves into some tall boots that are either normal or wide (but not EXTRA wide). Wearing a bikini without embarrassment, strutting instead of hiding behind towels and cover ups. A six pack would be awesome, but I am not sure if it's in my genes. I've never seen one in my family.

My start weight: 163.
Measurements: Waist- 34", Hips- 41", Thigh- 24", Calf- 15". I guess I should start measuring upper arms too.
I'm planning on measuring and weighing every Saturday morning. (Well, I do weigh obsessively but I won't be posting it as "official" or taking it that seriously. I'm going to only consider the overall trending of the weekly weights and measurements.)

Today's food:
B- coffee and egg bake (eggs made with butter, heavy cream, lots of spinach, onion & mushrooms, also some cheese dolloped throughout for little islands of yum).
S- cream cheese/stevia/heavy cream/lemon juice "cheesecake" (yes it is delicious)

That's it so far. Feeling good, energetic, and not hungry. Drinking hot water or green tea through the day (It's winter and it's been snowing!).