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Thread: What to do with all this canned pumpkin?

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    I love pumpkin curry, I use a curry flavour pack that is pretty paleo then mix in meat of choice and a great heaping amount of roughly chopped spinach. Nummies. OMG
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    Lately I've been having a big bowl of pumpkin for dessert.

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    My daughter eats pumpkin mixed with cinnamon and a little maple syrup, pumpkin mixed with plain yogurt before she found out she was intolerant to dairy. I make pumpkin "pie" I mix the pumpkin with two pastured eggs so possibly three store eggs. Then add cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, about a 1/4 tsp real salt or Himalayan salt, and the fat from a can of refrigerated coconut milk (we are dairy free I imagine heavy cream would work fine if you eat dairy) and then I use some maple syrup to taste. For crust I grind almonds or pecans, or walnuts. Mix with cinnamon and some melted butter. Place in pie pan and pour pumpkin over it. Bake at 350 degrees until it looks done.

    We also used to regularly feed canned pumpkin to our senior dog. Our young dog gets it as a treat and to help add variety to his primal diet of raw foods. We always keep some on hand for the dog just in case it has a tummy issue seems to cure both diarrhea and constipation in dogs.

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    I second the idea of stirring it into chilis or stews. My non-primal husband complimented my last chili by saying, "I can't detect any vegetables at all i here." Little did he know!

    My absolute favorite pumpkin recipe is the Blueberry Chocolate Pumpkin Loaf from Paleo OMG. PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes – Blueberry & Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Loaf

    I've made it so many times now that I experiment with it pretty freely. My last and favorite version was to omit the banana and increase the pumpkin to 3/4 C, substitute maple syrup to taste for the honey, and replace 1/2 C of almond meal with flax seed meal. Incidentally, after step 4, I add the vanilla cinnamon and sweetener. The result is a pumpkin cashew butter that is delicious in its own right.

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    I make "pumpkin pie" smoothies for a treat or dessert sometimes. Canned coconut milk, a little water, a few big spoonfuls of pumpkin, pumpkin pie spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, vanilla, and a little bit of stevia. Blend it all up and you have pumpkin pie in a cup!

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