I have noticed that, in my 6 month old Primal life (one of which was a Whole30), as I drop the sugars out of my diet that alcohol tastes really appealing to me. I have never, ever been much of a drinker - I only drank socially, as in the office Christmas party, or my MIL offering a glass of wine with Thanksgiving dinner, or perhaps a best friend's birthday grill party (which would, being honest, end up in a rollicking tipple). I so good as never went/go to bars and only infrequently go out to dinner to any place where I would want to drink with dinner.

But now I could really get into a glass of wine (or three) with dinner each night, or perhaps a mixed drink every evening. It feels kind of like my body has the same sweet tooth, just with an emphasis on the liquor because I won't feed it white sugar or grains any more.

Are the two connected? Has this happened to you in your Primal journey?

(Don't know if these facts matter, but I NEVER drink beer (have had only one bottle in my 45 years, just to try the taste) and there is zero alchoholism in the family (even extended family). I am on/take zero drugs (prescription, OTC, street, or otherwise). Family life is really stable.)