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Thread: Sugar and Alcohol... connected?

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotRodKristina View Post
    The only thing that helps me not crave a huge, carby dinner when I don't drink is lots and lots of glutamine. I take 3G daily.

    I've read that those prone to sugar (or booze) are lacking in it, and this time it is really helping me not want a drink as soon as I get home from work (and by drink, I mean 3-4 beers, or a bottle of champagne, or a couple gin martinis). I wonder if it has something to do with glutamine repairing the gut, and/or the brain, who knows. But it helps.

    And yeah, my family is littered with functioning alcoholics, and by that I mean people who can quaff a fair amount of booze every single night and do fine the next day (albeit suffer from a thick waistline)
    I will research glutamine, thank you!

    Yeah, I can hold my booze, too, and always could. It would be nice if I puked and fainted after one drink or something extreme like that, then none of this would ever be a thread, but from the first drink I ever took (at 18) it sat well. Good thing my mother sat me down and warned me of the things getting don't-remember-shit drunk can cause (she knew from personal experience and wanted to spare me those types of experiences), so I have never gone beyond a certain point.

    Well, that, and watching my dad rescue the frat boys at the college fraternity where he used to be the cook. One even managed to hot wire a steam roller from an ODOT (Ohio Department of Transportation) site and start driving it down the road in the middle of the night. Stupid, but funny as hell! Nobody got hurt, dad bailed the boy out, his mom sent my dad a huge present, and then I think the mom lit into her wayward child... But the lesson I got from that was if you go too, too far, the po-lice tend to get involved, and I never want that.

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    Yeah, I never could and still can't understand those people that
    can have ONE glass of wine, or ONE cocktail. What for?

    My real super duper drunkard days, when I moved out at 18 and got my
    own place, consisted of a bottle of Vodka a night or Bacardi.

    I may have drunk dialed some ex-boyfriends, but I never blacked out
    or got sloppy ass drunk, either.

    Tolerance of steel and I think I have 5 livers instead of one....

    Then at 26 when I met my now husband, it changed to wine. Lotsa wine. We went out
    to dinner ALL the time and got two bottles of wine between sitting down and leaving.

    Oh noes! The husband has a high tolerance as well!

    Good times, good times.

    Then at 33 I found myself in a Family Way (snort!) and even the sight of alcohol
    made me want to puke, which was pretty damn funny because, HELLO, nightly alchie!

    Since then I've had to grow up and grow a pair, cuz ya just can't be porking back piles
    of booze when you have kids. Gotta parent up and realize it's not just you, you, you

    But every two weeks I may have a bottle of wine, or, like when the MIL was here, it WAS
    every night....... Good times, too.

    I still woke up the next morning full of piss an vinegar, nary a hangover in sight and was
    able to do my dog walking job PLUS all of my motherly duties.

    Not saying that being a nightly alchie is advisable, but there IS a difference between that,
    and HAVING to start off your morning with a stiff one. That was never me.

    And the people (my friends and family) saying I was drinking to escape something - PLEASE.

    Partying is fun! Drinkin' is fun! Wahoo! I don't do it because I'm down in the dumps woe is me,
    wah, wah, wah. I do it because it's rarrr! rarr! rarrr! FUN!

    Anyway, but, like I said, back to once every two weeks or once a month now that the holidays
    are over, cuz I'm old, I've partied enough, and, well, it makes me fat.

    So there!


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    Booze = Fat for me, much more than wheat or sweets. Since Jan 2nd I've had two beers (Newcastles, which tasted kinda yucky, actually) and I can already see my waist coming back. I've been 90/10 so far, today being an exception with a donut this morning and a couple pieces of pizza this evening.

    But the calories from that pizza pale in comparison to the calories I used to imbibe each night.

    Yes there were reasons I drank so much, but I'm channeling that energy into my creative endeavors - and making money from my art is much more of a rush than getting drunk. Journaling helps too. Also the fact that I can now sleep though the night without insomnia attacks, and waking up without bags under my eyes (my skin is so much better now!)

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