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    What filters / purification / distillers / alkiners for the best water?

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    I want t o stop drinking bottled water. I want to filter it or use any of the other options in my subject line. Wondered your thoughts on the best option and any equipment I should buy.



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    There are two main options. Reverse osmosis and distillation. Both remove like 95+% of everything in water.

    I think reverse osmosis is the more viable option for someone who just wants to filter one source of water for drinking. I bought a nice unit from, its around $350 and can be inserted under the sink with very minir installation. I highly recommend it.

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    I use a distiller that I got from waterwise. I like it, the family likes the taste (or lack of funny tasting water). I can make up to 6 gallons a day. I also have filters from waterwise for the showers.
    I would have loved to have a whole house filter of some sort but I live in a nearly 100 yr old farm house and that just wasn't gonna happen.

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    We use a PUR water filter unit with replaceable filters that attaches to the faucet. Filter replacements last us about 1 1/2 months. They filter all the bad stuff out and our water tastes so much better. We've used these for about 5 years or more and could not live without. Not expensive, and quite convenient compared to installing a more complex system like reverse osmosis. Unless you're trying to filter the entire house...

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    I have a Zero filter.

    According to their website, if the water measures 000 it means that it has also removed flouride, as that is a particulate.

    Buy it BB&B with 20% off coupons and it's the same price as the other filter systems.

    I am not a homeowner, btw, so that limited the options.

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