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    Looking For A Bad-Ass Blender

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    Hey guys,

    I'm looking for a bad-ass blender. Basically, the best one you know of.

    I'm thinking of getting a small one for small mixing and a big one for big stuff, like shakes or soups.

    What do you recommend?

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    Vitamix or Blendtec. They both can turn an iphone into a smoothie. If you're not looking to drop hundreds of bucks on a blender, try the Ninja. Love mine & use it almost daily.
    --Trish (Bork)

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    and if neither of those tickle your fancy (and why not, with a series of videos called WILL IT BLEND?!, which is what i would be yelling every time i turned mine on if i had one) i have a shark ninja. it's niftly and comes with regular and single serve size blend apparati
    yeah you are

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    Yes, you will drop some serious coin on a vitamix but it will probably be the last blender you ever need to buy in your life so I think mine was worth it.

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    Hands down, Vitamix. It costs a fortune (but Bed Bath & Beyond honoured a 20% off coupon when I bought mine) but so very worth it. It does anything.

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    Vitamix. My parents have one and it rocks. I wish I had one.
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    Vitamix! We got ours as a reconditioned unit from the company 'cause that saved us some bucks, and it performes fantastically. We once tried to do something truly stupid to it, and actually broke the thing, and since we live close enough to drive to the North Olmstead OH world headquarters, took it there in person to be fixed. They did it on the spot and threw in a housing for free since ours had yellowed with age (it was a white plastic housing). I will have a really hard time buying anything else except some newer, even more powerful Vitamix model. Our unit is now 15 years old.

    Get both the wet and dry bladed containers, and they have a smaller container now too, all of which we use. You will absolutely not regret shelling out the big bucks for this thing.

    At least there is SOMETHING sold in this country built to last!

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    I had a vitamix, and they are every bit as good as people say. I didn't actually use it that often so wound up giving it to my parents. I have an immersion blender I'll sometimes drop into a pot of soup. Other than that I'm just not enough of a blender user to justify the counter space.

    From what I've heard, the Indian grinder/blenders are a different take and very flexible/capable. If I ever go shopping for a blender again I'll probably try one of those. E.g. preethi

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    I also recommend a Ninja. Probably not as good as a Vitamix, but it's still very sturdy and blends things much better than cheaper blenders.

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    +1 for the ninja. Plus if you don't mind the older version with two pairs of blades instead of three you can buy them on ebay for about $25 with two large containers, and one small. Works like a champ for me, and if I break it I will buy another one since they are so cheap.

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