I'm excited to start my primal lifestyle.. cold turkey.. tomorrow morning.
I'm not obese or anything, but yesterday I clocked in at 130lbs.. and I'm only 5'2"!
I feel disgusting in a bikini, and I want to be able to play 'pilla pilla' (tag in English) with my little brother for longer than 10 minutes!
I like hiking and jogging too, very much, but I feel like my knees hurt from it and I need to make stretching a habit.. I'm only 22 for Pete's sake!
Right now though, I'm going to bed because it's 2am and Grok is supposed to sleep when the sun goes down, right? I just had to get this down officially (in writing)!
Tomorrow is the day I change my life! Grok On!

P.S. Are sunflower seeds and green olives primal? We snack on them a lot here, and they would be tough for me to give up... but if I have to, I certainly will!