Ok...so here I am at age 45.
282 lbs.
live in SW Florida.
Huge coffee drinker.
Quit smoking last week.
Quit drinking the week before that.

My goal ... lose weight.
Feel better.
Look better.
Be healthier.
Be stronger.
Sleep better.

Day 1 --- January 2, 2013
First goal 50 lbs. Hopefully by April 2013.
Favorite primal food - coconut chicken.

Today....day 1
Breakfast ----
coffee with agave. teaspoon cream
scrambled eggs in clarified butter with roasted red peppers.

snack....handful of almonds and an apple.
lunch - hamburger with salad tossed with evoo and balsamic

dinner- coconut chicken with salad

mint herbal tea...constant drink source...