I am new to primal eating. I struggled greatly through the first 3-4 days because I was very nauseated. I'm over the hump now---day number 6---and feeling better. Still fumbling to figure out what I can and can't have--got a taco kit to have taco meat with veggies and read the ingredients--wow! The taco mix is full of carbs and preservatives. I thought that it was just spices. Learning. My energy is so low that I'm looking for easier options right now. When my energy gets up I'm happy to cook more; I LOVE to cook!!!

Breakfast: I had two scrambled eggs with 2 pieces of bacon and one organic pink grapefruit.
Snack: bowl of blueberries and raspberries with cup of herbal tea
Lunch: salad with boiled egg and home made roasted garlic herb vinegrette
Dinner: piece coconut sea bass and (my weakness at work) mashed potatoes with brown gravy (I know; not primal)
Drinking water ALL day, because I enjoy it.
Have a pear for a snack later.

Feel pretty good.

Grok on!