Hi, my name is Molly and I am 40, happily married for 16 years, and mother of 2 sons (currently 8 & 6). As you can see from my MDA name, I love horses. I have 3, and last summer started riding competitively again after an 8 year hiatus. Dressage is my drug of choice.

Why am I at MDA? I want to lose weight. I gained weight in college, lost weight on weight watchers for my wedding. Maintained a healthy weight for 8 years, had my first child (gained 60 pounds, lost it easily). Next, had my second child. Again gained 60 pounds, and as of today I am still 20 pounds over my healthy weight. I am borderline overweight on BMI charts- not horrible. But. Not good either.

So last Jan/Feb 2012, I lost 10 pounds on South Beach (easily) and went on a dream vacation with my sister to Mexico. This is when I fell in love with low carb diets. I have slowly gained back the weight over the past year, so I am back at where I was before I lost those 10 pounds. I started up the South Beach again this past Saturday (Dec 28), and on Dec 29 I found MDA.

I've been reading success stories pretty regularly since then! So I have been switching over to Primal eating- it is definitely more satisfying than South Beach (focuses on low fat, lean protein - I've never been a fan of low fat stuff).

I am excited to be here and get to know the community. I've loved how positive the community seems. I can't wait to meet you all!

And now for the meet & greet questions:

Your location: Dryden, NY (central NY- farm country! but near Ithaca (Cornell University, Ithaca College)

(If you want): 40

How Primal are you:
Very! And newly!

Do you consume dairy: Yes- hard cheese, cream cheese, heavy cream, sour cream- that's it

Do you drink coffee or tea:
COFFEE and don't even TRY to take it away

Motivator for switching to Primal:
So I can look like some of those hot success stories! Also, to have the fitness to amp up my activity and energy. But mainly I want to look and feel HOT.

Favorite exercise: Riding horses (duh), but I also enjoy circuit training.

Favorite Primal food: bacon wrapped filet YUM

Best part about being Primal: the increased energy (so far that's all I've got, this is only my 5th day)

Worst part about being Primal: I have to do a lot more planning and cooking. Usually my husband does it all, but he is a total sugar fiend (sickeningly thin), so that is not an option anymore.