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    Beef Jerky Recipes

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    I just started making beef jerky in my dehydrator and was wondering what everyone's favorite recipes are?

    I can't wait to try them!

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    I've not made any since going primal, not sure what the ingredients are of the sauces I usually use, but this is how I typically make it (obviously will need to omit soy sauce etc..)

    Some cheap bulk meat, cut it up real thin and marinade for 12hrs in:

    Worchestershire sauce
    soy sauce
    liquid smoke
    teriyaki (sometimes)

    After marinading I put on dehydrator and sprinkle with:
    red pepper
    regular pepper
    some kind of spicy steak seasoning.
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    I make 20 lbs of jerky (well, I start out with 20 lbs of meat anyway) every couple months and I would recommend avoiding soy completely. Salt is what I use that preserves the meat.

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