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    Quote Originally Posted by Graycat View Post
    This is on the blue ones. Bad! I guess I better stay away from that stuff from now on. I just ASSumed that since it's chocolate the worst ingredients in it would be the soy lecithin and sugar.
    Yeah, I'm not sure what "caramel flavoring" is (I bet it comes from corn), but the Barley Malt Powder is the one that "saved" me from diving into those things this holiday season.

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    Everything fell apart around thanksgiving. I'm getting back on the wagon, though.
    I hate how I feel when I don't eat clean but for some reason, even with all the time off, I've been too lazy to cook. I think I just need some ideas on meals. Having a really irregular schedule makes cooking difficult too, because I'm never home at the same time. I start school soon and I'm hoping that will make a difference.

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    Enjoyed the season full of turkey, bread free stuffing, lots of veg and an ice chocolate recipe someone posted here for a treat (coconut oil and dark chocolate with orange zest). No gain here at all and possible a slight loss.
    Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
    Don't forget to play!

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    I don't know if I should mention this among such a tribe of dedicated trufflehounds, but Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark doesn't have any barley in it. It is, however, apparently about 90% corn product by weight. I should know - between us, my room mate and I ate approximately five pounds of it over the holidays. (I also had more than my share of gluten-free cheesecake.)

    So clearly I didn't stay very primal, but I did stay gluten-free - that's what I cling to in those thankfully rare moments when it comes down to potato chips and chocolate for me. Which is not an inaccurate description of my holiday diet.

    I gained a little, but it appears to be all water weight, and it's dropping right off. I was up and down on the scale from mid-December to New Year's, never more than a pound or two either way. The worst of it was just knowing I was constantly missing opportunities to improve my health. Plus a little heartburn!

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    I had a little weight gain over the holidays, but it was not from overindulging, or eating non-primal. I was very busy and was not eating enough (my calorie deficit was over 1000 calories per day, and the one thing I've learned is 500 calories is my max.) When I don't eat enough, my body almost immediately goes into starvation mode, holds onto everything and then I have all sorts of digestive issues. Once I realized what was going on I made sure that I ate regularly, and primal of course, and those 4 nasty pounds came right off.

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    When I was at home this holiday season (which was a little more than usual, since the mister and I both got sick), I ate mostly primally (okay, more chocolate than usual), saving the indulgences for when were were out for dinners or get-togethers. I didn't go all out, but I had bits of whatever I felt like and enjoyed every bit of it. Like some of you, there were more than a few days of feeling like garbage after indulging too much, but I was pleased to find that my work pants went on yesterday fitting better than they did before Christmas. No idea if I gained/lost/what since I haven't been on the scale but better-fitting pants after Christmas = win in my books.
    Happy primal 2013, all!

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    Quote Originally Posted by primalrob View Post
    prediction: i will lose fat quicker and easier than i gained it.
    Why do you feel you will the fat quicker than putting it on? I think I'm the opposite but never have checked it out.
    55 yr old male


    Weight; 199
    Chest; 41.5
    Waist; 42
    Hips; 40
    Thigh; 22.5
    Calf; 15
    Bicep: 13
    Forearm; 11.5
    Neck; 17


    Weight; 200
    Chest; 42
    Waist; 42.5
    Hips; 39
    Thigh; 23
    Calf; 15
    Bicep: 13
    Forearm; 11.5
    Neck; 16

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    I did okay this year, stayed far away from gluten (did not want the joint pain or digestive issues to ruin my holidays) but did indulge in more sugar, wine, and starches (mainly white potatoes) than I usually do. Amazingly, I did not gain any weight (in fact I lost a tiny bit), likely because overall my meals were a little smaller--the primal pickings were slim on some meals, and I was contending with 4 hungry teenage boys for the protein.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ez2cy View Post
    Why do you feel you will the fat quicker than putting it on? I think I'm the opposite but never have checked it out.
    it's just something i think will happen. after two weeks of eating the way i did, and purposefully pushing myself past what i assume would be a maintenance amount of food, it just seems like whatever fat i gained will be pummeled by fasting, VLC, some calorie restriction and the intensity my exercise will have after a rest like that.
    my hope is that i will actually lean out much more than i was before the holidays, but i don't do any measurements or anything. this will all be determined through how my clothes fit and looking in the mirror. i suppose i could take photos, but i don't like photos of would be like someone found sasquatch, shaved parts of him, denied him sun for months, made him a little bit jiggly, and let him loose in my bathroom. nobody wants that.

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    I totally blew it over the week of Christmas. I sampled every holiday "treat" in sight, and generally enjoyed every bite. I'm absolutely certain I put on some weight. Unfortunately, I'm now battling this cold/bronchitis/sinus infection/crud-fever thing that has since landed on my immune system.

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