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Thread: New Vibrams and My Take

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    New Vibrams and My Take

    So on Christmas I got a pair of Vibrams Bikila LS's, and have been wearing them around for a week to break them in before I took to working out with them. Today was the test! I ran my weekly sprint(on the treadmill because its kinda nasty outside), and proceeded to lift weights(an upper body day though). I will have to say that I am super impressed with how it felt to run in those. After a few minutes of warmup and about 10 minutes of alternating sprint/walking I had no shin splints, sore joints, or anything...and actually was bounding with energy. I am sold! Not just on the Vibrams, but TPB in general!
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    I got some for Xmas as well and am going to take them to the gym tonight. No running yet (working back into it with a 5k goal for March) but I'll be getting there soon.
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    i like the Vibrams as well..I have 4 pair...but I started buying the adidas adipure ones and they are awesome for everyday use as well.
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