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Thread: Does your tallow smell horible?

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    Question Does your tallow smell horible?

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    So I got a small fry daddy for Christmas with the idea of rendering some beef tallow and deep frying in it. I stopped by WF and asked for their extra grass feed beef fat and they gave me about 5 lbs free. Cool! So I diced it and and threw it in the crock pot on low to render the beef tallow over night. I woke up this morning and had a whole pot full. Now for the bad part, this stuff smells horrible... It makes me want to puke. Does beef tallow have a strong odor? At this point, there is no way I will cook with this stuff in the house.

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    It does have a pretty strong smell. I think it smells pretty good, but I can see how it might turn people off.

    I think heating it overnight may have been overkill. I follow these instructions when I do it:

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    My son hates the smell of rendering fat so we render outside on the covered porch. We have a hot plate we use or if it's sunny we use our parabolic solar cooker.

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    It won't smell bad once you pour it off and use it, normally.
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