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Thread: An Alcoholic's Journal

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    An Alcoholic's Journal

    Hello all,

    I've been lurking for 1.5 years and figure it's well about time that I start posting. I'm starting a journal to help me stay accountable. I've been dabbling off-and-on with Primal eating for 1.5 years. I think that I have failed over and over due to: my sugar cravings, alcoholism, and my general lack of commitment. Once again, being an active alcoholic doesn't help any...

    1. Eat as Primal as possible with a carb-loving husband. He is fully supportive of my choices, but honestly, it is hard making different meals. This means we make our own food, or he makes separate sides for himself.

    2. Stop drinking alcohol. This is a must and a necessity for me, as when I drink, then I am hungover the next day = then I want carbs! I really think that I am addicted to sugar (as well as alcohol, which is sugar) and this is what I need to stop. I have made it 30 days in the past without alcohol, my goal is now to stop completely. You know the song lyrics "one is one too many, 100 is never enough", that is me....Another issue is that my husband is an active alcoholic, and thus I need to change up my routines surrounding our previous "drinking times" together (i.e., don't come home on Friday nights and drink for 5 hours)...I'm thinking of starting "happy hour" workouts for myself....

    3. Work out more consistently. I like to run (I know, Chronic Cardio and all of that, but it helps me relieve stress), and I do like P90X (push-ups, squats, lunges, etc). I still can't do a pull-up to save my life though. Hangovers certainly don't help with consistency.

    I work full-time, am doing graduate school full-time at night, and have outside research projects going on = I know that I am way over scheduled. This has all taken a toll on me physically and emotionally, as I am just TIRED. But this should all slow down dramatically at the end of this calendar year. I've also experienced depression and anxiety most of my adult life....

    Has anybody out there struggled with alcoholism and sugar addiction???? What has helped?

    Stats: 5'6" tall, 138 lbs...

    Thanks for the support!
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