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Thread: An Alcoholic's Journal

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    You sound really committed - I'm proud of you! Must be so hard not to give in and have a drink with your husband. I think you are showing some marvellous discipline.

    You are right about keeping busy - are their any hobbies you can take up / rediscover?

    I recently starting playing the piano again after not touching it for 15 years. The challenge of re-learning was very engaging and mentally stimulating. It also relaxes me and takes me away from thinking about work / other issues. I'm nowhere near as good as I was as a child, but getting there.

    Is there something like that (painting, photography, instruments etc) that you can engage in at home? It will keep you away from the tv (which is a demon for enticing you to eat crap / drink alcohol I find).

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    Huntress: It is HARD not to drink with my husband! I will be 100% honest here and report that I had an epic fail Sunday night and had 3 beers with my husband, and promptly started to feel like junk. It was the "oh, I can have just one" mentality = WRONG! I had also rationalized that "well having 1 beer per week isn't you usual 13-15 per week, so that is improvement" = WRONG. I can't just have one, if I could, I wouldn't be in this predicament. But after my 3 beers I felt so bad (physically and emotionally) that it simply is not worth it to me anymore (alcohol, that is).

    I TOTALLY agree that the TV is evil! Man, it sucked me in tonight and I didn't go for my run as I had planned. Need to work on that as well, but gosh, all this discipline is tiring. I need to be easy on myself and realize it's okay I didn't exercise tonight.

    I think I need to give up caffeine, I feel jittery now when I drink it.....

    Its AMAZING how much better I feel and sleep when i eat well, exercise, and don't drink. I have to remind myself of that it feels like every minute of every day, there are so many thoughts, e.g. "excuses" in my mind "oh, just have one beer", "Oh, just make pasta tonight it will be easier", etc. I'm sure others out there know the thoughts....I'm hoping this gets easier and feels more second nature over time.....

    Does it????

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