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Thread: Best Timing for a Fast?

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    Best Timing for a Fast?

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    I'm thinking of incorporating fasting for the first time into my diet. I do Starting Strength three days a week (Sun, Tue, and Thu). With that programming in place, it seems like my best option for fasting will be on the morning of training days. That would put the most time in between my workout and my fast. So, I would fast Sun, Tue, and Thu mornings, have a pre-workout light amount of whey protein, and then truly break my fast after my lunchtime workout. It's sort of like a leangains approach, but only three days a week. Does that sound like the best plan? I was thinking the days after my workouts might not be great for fasting because I'd want to eat for optimal recovery. Thanks for the advice.

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    I'm not conversant on fasting in conjunction with work-outs and muscle sparing, but I would try ONE day per week for a month or two, before you go up to two days, and then possible three.

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    Don't force your body onto a schedule, just eat when you are truly hungry. Over time your hunger will subside and you'll get into a natural pattern of eating that will likely incorporate some form of IFing into your routine. For example, I eat one VERY large meal a day and that's it. No snacking, nothing. But I didn't force this to happen, it just sort of naturally fell into place.

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    ^ this. I eat naturally once a day because I never get hungry, but do what works for you. There's nothing worse than going around all day starving and cranky because of an enforced fast.
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