I joined here a while ago, but lacked commitment. Primal living makes sense to me, but I have not followed through - instead sticking to the path of least resistance and my SAD (with the added 'benefits' of copious beer consumption). The results were predictable...my clothes continued to get tighter and I continued to have less and less energy to pursue even the activities I enjoy.

I avoided the bathroom scale for many months until yesterday. I knew I was getting fatter, but I still was not prepared to discover I had gained 20 lbs in just 10 months. Ten months ago I would not have thought it was even possible if I was trying to do it on purpose. Here I sit at age 48 with a BMI of 36.5. Bleck.

My goal is to stick to primal living for the year. In the past I have set weight goals (lose 20 pounds by X-date) or fitness goals (run a 5K in under X-minutes) and it has not worked for me. This time I want to focus on what I can DO, not what I want to HAVE.

One potential obstacle I foresee is that my wife and daughter are bread-loving non-believers. Fortunately, based on work schedules, I do the majority of the cooking during the week - and therefore control the menu. Weekends my wife normally takes over the cooking duty. She's quite a good cook, and refusing to eat something she has made when I know it will be delicious and it will also hurt her feelings will sorely tempt my willpower. I think, though, that after a few weekends she will be more attentive to the dietary changes I am making. Positive results will also reinforce this.

I also plan to be more active. I will buy a bicycle this weekend. We had a pool built over the winter, so when the weather improves I will also be in there. I want to drop about 30 pounds before I try sprinting. I think my weight could be damaging to my hips and knees, and I don't want to risk it yet - but want to work up to it by Spring.

Well, here goes everything!