Hi everyone... Happy New Year !!
Starting Primal today and hopefully will become my lifestyle from this point forward.
I have all of the same ailments, complaints, stories that most have from being over-weight.

I personally have gotten fed up and annoyed with myself for pushing my body to this point.
I consciously did this to myself. I knew I was gaining weight and thought to myself, how long before my knees hurt, till I can't play tennis anymore, till I can't stand how I look anymore, till I don't fit into any of my clothes anymore.

I give a lot of credit to the people in my life who have NOT said anything to me regarding my study weight gain over the last 3 years. The one person who did, my husband, got his head bitten off...

Little by little, I have been screwing with myself. for whatever reason, I sudden;y feel it is time to do something. It may have been that I took one look in the mirror and saw myself looking like my older sister, who I really kind of despise. That could have been it. Or just the fact that I get up in the morning and my feet hurt, my hips hurt....
I ache because of the extra weight.

So, I figured being of sound mind, I would make a lifestyle change to better myself, before all of the diseases that come with obesity caught up with me.

A little about me. I am 45. 5'10 285 lbs. Size 20 --- play tennis 4-5 times a week. I carry my weight well and can still hoof it across a court, but honestly, I am really starting to feel it at home afterwards....
My energy is no where that it should be and quite honestly, I disgust myself with no clothes on. Haven't had any real physical relationship with hubby in a while, which originated from other issues, but now has gone on because of my own body issues.

My goal....lose weight obviously....but regain myself. Regain my self esteem, regain my ego....my happiness, my enthusiasm for life. Lose the aches...the pains....sleep better. Feel better. My BP as of a month ago was 110/72 ....good here...and I have no real financial issues.

Looking for some support....gentle and stern. Admittedly, I am lazy. I retired 10 years ago from a HIGH STRESS job and have been living off of the cream ever since... Time to become accountable again. I have a friend who is going PALEO as well and hopefully I will be able to get some support from her....but I think this forum will be m savior somehow.