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Thread: Modern Milk

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    Modern Milk

    Hello everyone

    I know many people do not consume milk, as it is from agriculture, and I just want to paraphrase some info I've just learned from the UK TV show called 'Coast' which shows milk as we now have it to be one of the first really modern processed foods: Up until 1864 when Louis Pasteur invented his preperation for milk, it was a very infrequent part of people's diet - it tasted of 'animal' and could not be preserved unless into cheese or butter. When pasteurisation arrived, milk was suddenly seen as a suitable dietary supplement for the growing populations in the cities of industrial revolution Europe, who often had chronic diets, and from that the fresian cow was bred with it's distinctive white coloration as an advert for the milk it was producing. The Fresian cow predates the coca-cola santa claus by only around 30 years!
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