I want to start by saying I am a food addict, rather a sugar addict to be true. I have been trying to lost weight and while I wasn't the fan of fad diets I quite bought "you have to eat 5- portions whole carbs/you have to eat 6 meals/you shouldn't starve your body" mantra quite too long. Then a revolutionary doctor came along in my country and she pretty shook all the myths and replace them with never heard ones. While her approach is similar to Paleo/Primal she differs in grains in that she allows bulgur pilaf and other low GI lentils claiming they are good for your body. I recently started to read about Primal so I am still keen on her lentils allowed approach but I admit I can see the problem. As a food addict I know I have a big problem and that is the issue of setting boundaries with food. If i am allowed on some type of bad food in moderation, that means I will go all the way. So I decided to read the Primal book, signed up with the daily newsletter and trying to absorb all the information. But I still have doubts and questions...

For one, Mark praises sweet patato/yam types but where I live these vegetables don't exist. And I am not sure if I should replace it or leave it out all together.

Two, I workout with Rushfit DVDs, 4-6 days a week depending on the program. And I am not sure if I have to adjust my carb intake for that.

Three, it is rather gross and sorry for that but my digestive system is already slow and it is on a every other day schedule and since I tried out Dukan diet for a while I am horrified what awaits if I don't get any starchy carbs in my diet. I am thinking to get Solgar's psyllium-husks-fibre but will i have to take it for the rest of my life? how do you all solve that problem?