Hey folks

I eat primal (with very very little dairy and some starch from potato/sweet potato). I also eat right for my blood type. I have been doing this for some time now with great results. This is a way of eating I recommend to my clients who are also having great results, even over this tempting time of year.

The one area of primal living that I have not really grasped is the eating 3 meals a day (+a snack if needs be - although that seems to be based around a few nuts or some fruit). I have recommended to people on here that were eating 3x a day on recomendation from primal literature, that they increase their calorie consumption whilst staying primal and it has worked for them in the form of increased energy, weight loss etc. What I should have mentioned is that I eat about 6 times a day. Seldom less but sometimes more. These are not beig meals. I ate a couple of chicken thighs (tiny things) and some bluberries the other day and that counted as a meal. I dont count a recovery shake as a meal (I only have them after an intense hill cycle of at least 10 miles).

I know Grok would not have grazed all day, but is it wrong for us to? I am not posting based on 'Im right your wrong' belief. More out of a desire for a good discussion.

Hope you are all enjoying the festive period and had an amazing Christmas and New Year.