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Thread: Hard Work!!! (Must read!!!)

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    Hard Work!!! (Must read!!!)

    Hi folks,
    I want to tell a story. I was in the gym yesterday and overheard a few fellows talking about drugs and how the one guy wanted it. He complained his legs were too weak and that he couldn't even squat 300 lbs. The other guy was a regular sized guy (to me), but based on the conversation I some how suspected he was a user as well.

    Now I know I'm not a freaky strong guy or anything, but for a guy like me with a small frame, I think the numbers I've hit in my lifts over the years are rather respectable when compared to your average gym goer. I looked at those guys and I told them that they don't need drugs to get strong.

    I mean, I realize that nobody is going to be in the NFL, a world class powerlifter, or an IFBB pro bodybuilder, to give a few examples, while being 100% natural. But you mean to tell me that these guys, average gym goers, couldn't get half way descent bodies and numbers without using drugs?

    The thought of that really pissed me off!!! Why not just work HARD instead? You have to go to the gym anyways. If you're going to go there for as little as 2-3 hours per week, you're already there and you're time is already spent, so why not make it useful and put in some hard work? I don't understand what's the matter with kids these days.

    That's just about all I have to say. Barbells, simple routines, and hard work always worked for me. The same thing goes for diet. Put in the hard work and the muscles will come. Cut the calories and the fat will come off.

    It's as simple as that just the way its always have. You don't need super fancy gym equipment, to make rocket science out of your routine or diet, you don't need supplements, and you don't need drugs.

    Those kids made me mad. And it makes me want to work harder so that I can be strong just like I have been for years, from working hard.

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