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Thread: Hard Work!!! (Must read!!!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kharnath View Post
    I know exactly what Louis Simmons would say: "Your morals are your morals, not mine. Who am I to judge you? And who are you to judge me?"
    Please don't misunderstand me. I have no problem with drug use, but I do have a problem with kids who don't want to work hard.

    The bottom line as I see it is, drugs are not a short cut around hard work. You can't get world class strength levels without hard work, even with drugs. If a kid can't even put in the hard work to achieve what he should easily be able to achieve naturally, then he shouldn't be even thinking about drugs.

    And I am sure Louie would know exactly what I'm talking about. Why? Because he knows what real hard work is. He didn't achieve what he did without hard work and neither did his athletes. Putting all drugs aside, these kids are insulting guys like Louie who have trained hard to achieve what they did.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kharnath View Post
    Also, their drug abuse has absolutely zero impact on your life. Why do you even care?
    Again, I don't care about their drug abuse. But I do care about the lack of hard work. Why? It only makes me want to work harder. It motivates me. It affects me in a positive way. Its a mental trick.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kharnath View Post
    You can exercise, eat according to your goals AND take steroids. I believe that's what most steroid abusers do.
    Right, but if you're taking drugs to reach what is easily achievable naturally, you're an idiot. Plain and simple. And from what I have read, there are plenty of experienced users who will admit and recommend that from a strategic standpoint, its stupid.

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    Guys like that don't want to work hard, and often don't know how to work hard. Leave them to their idiocy and keep focused on your own goals.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Philosopher Dan View Post
    Unless we are in competition with such people, and that competition stipulated that such substances not be used - for example, in a natural bodybuilding competition, or a power lifting competition which bans PED's - then what they do and what we do are separate things.
    This is why I would never want to compete in a drug free powerlifting contest; these days the guys who are hitting world records in such federations are the ones who are cheating and not getting caught. They are cheating everyone else out of the belief that they achieved what they did naturally and fair when in reality they cheated their buts off.

    But in a non-tested federation, it isn't cheating. Drug free or not, I'd much rather compete in a non-tested federation, that way I know that I'm not being cheated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Philosopher Dan View Post
    That being said, we might make an exception for someone trying to test the limits of human strength, or human muscular growth potential, or something like that.
    I have no problem with that at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Philosopher Dan View Post
    And someone struggling to squat 300 lbs probably isn't really engaged in that activity. But as an activity for its own sake, I've often felt that there was something different about that than there is in an ordinary gym-goer looking for a short cut.
    This is exactly what I'm talking about. Anyone who trains hard can achieve that naturally and surpass it.

    And this is the problem with kids these days. What has the fitness world come to these days? What ever happened to basic exercises and hard work?

    If they want to use to become much better than they could naturally, I don't care. But put in the hard work first and get what you can naturally. Heck, they might even find that what they can achieve naturally is sufficient; I know it was more than enough for me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripped View Post
    Hi folks,
    The thought of that really pissed me off!!! Why not just work HARD instead? You have to go to the gym anyways. If you're going to go there for as little as 2-3 hours per week, you're already there and you're time is already spent, so why not make it useful and put in some hard work? I don't understand what's the matter with kids these days.

    That's just about all I have to say. Barbells, simple routines, and hard work always worked for me. The same thing goes for diet. Put in the hard work and the muscles will come. Cut the calories and the fat will come off.

    It's as simple as that just the way its always have. You don't need super fancy gym equipment, to make rocket science out of your routine or diet, you don't need supplements, and you don't need drugs.

    Those kids made me mad. And it makes me want to work harder so that I can be strong just like I have been for years, from working hard.

    From what I have seen, alot of your average gym goers actively avoid hard work. I am unsure if they are afraid of it, but would not rule it out. Consider:
    Guy A walks around the gym, talks, does a few 'hard' sets of bicep curls and some strange thing he saw in a magazine, then, with little more than a ping pong ball of sweat, walks out complaining how he is a hard gainer, but is the hardest working guy in the gym. Besides, those weird primitive compound movements lead to overtraining/injury/erectile dysfunction.

    Guy B walks into the gym and, since its leg day, decides hes going to do a death march of 20 squats (after warming up). 15 reps in he re racks the bar and collapses in a pool of sweat. 2 minutes later he gets up, and somehow, sounding somewhat like a steam train manages the extra 5.

    Guy B would probably end up getting bigger and find his strength going up, while Guy A assumes that the squatter is actually on steroids, or has some other advantage. The fact that if Guy A worked hard he would see results doesn't even enter his mind :P
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    My takeaway from this thread is, it's nice to have Philosophers around the forum! :-)

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