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Thread: Protein Powder: place in a primal diet?

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    Check out Whey Stronger from Charles Poliquin. Little more affordable, all natural, grass fed cows from New Zealand, great product

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    Quote Originally Posted by rphlslv View Post
    I'd be concerned about the oxidized cholesterol. Protein is not hard to come by and you don't even need it that much anyways. I like supplements stopped spending money on shakes.
    I take it you don't eat scrambled eggs?

    Quote Originally Posted by purple579 View Post
    I started drinking protein shakes before discovering the primal diet and have found them hard to quit...I like the way they taste(the way I make them at least) and I have found that drinking one at lunch, after my workout, does an excellent job of keeping me full throughout the day. I have read Mark's bit about them on this site and have been trying to slowly work them out of my diet, but they're hard to give up. The Primal Fuel Mark sells is a little out of my price range. What are your thoughts on protein powder and the primal diet?
    Up until recently, I would have said they are not needed, and would agree that for most people they are not. But if you're trying to get in a lot of calories, they are very convenient and allow you to drink down a lot of calories you wouldn't otherwise be able to eat. Adding in coconut cream and some macadamia nut butter and you can easily drink down 800 calories, twice a day.

    BTW, I used Met-Rx as a youth and I have to say, it tasted terrible. There are many better alternatives out there. Personally, the best bang for your buck that I have found is Kaizen Natural Whey. Canadian company that uses New Zealand sourced whey, and stevia as their sweetener. Chocolate and vanilla taste fantastic, and at $51.99 per 5 lbs tub, I simply can not find a cheaper whey of this quality (let alone the standard crap out there). On occasion, it sells for $49.99. Even better.

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