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Thread: improved mental clarity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RandyStimpson View Post
    Do you have a citation for that? I wonder if the bioavailibility depends on whether it is freshely ground, pre-ground, is cooked or not, or what it is eaten with. I am also wondering about the percent bioavailable.
    Flax Seed and Prostate Cancer Risk | Mark's Daily Apple
    This article links to information about the conversion rates. Better off supplementing fish oil or eating fish.
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    I've noticed a huge difference in mental clarity since I've eliminated grains from my diet. My brain is able to make connections much quicker, which has pretty much eliminated my anxiety. Also, I no longer need an afternoon nap; I used to take a 3-hour nap almost everyday. Who knew a simple change in diet could make such a HUGE difference!

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    Mental clarity is only related to sleep for me. Doesn't matter what I eat, but if I don't get a good 8 hours sleep (at least) then I feel awful the entire day. - Gaming, Food Reviews and Life in Singapore

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    I have ADHD (combined type) and Tourette Syndrome, and I am prone to obsessive thoughts. I take Strattera and 5-htp. I did not see any improvement in mental anything on primal until eliminating dairy about 5 weeks ago. My thoughts are clearer/sharper and I have not had any obsessive negative thoughts and the attendant anxiety sicne then either. I have yet to see what happens when I re-introduce dairy, though. It could be either the dairy alone or dairy and wheat in combination. I have not had noticable effects from eating wheat alone. Eliminating dairy also has not seemed to make a difference to focus or executive functioning, just ot mental clarity and obsessive anxiety.

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