Hi there everyone! I'm just starting my Primal journey today, along with a lot of other people, I'm sure. I started a journal here, but I figured I'd post a quick intro in this thread, too.

My name is Laura, and I'm an industrial engineer currently living in southeastern Virginia, though I grew up mostly in Rhode Island, went to college in Indiana (Go Irish!!!), and went to grad school in North Carolina. My health is kind of a long story (see the journal for the whole thing), but it left me with a half-paralyzed face, PCOS, and more than 50 lbs of extra weight. After a couple tries at Atkins over the past two years, both of which lasted about six months before I stalled out and got frustrated, I'm currently 178 lbs at 5'7" tall (my highest weight was almost 220). I'm excited to try the Primal Blueprint, since it's food I've always enjoyed on Atkins combined with a fitness plan that actually fits into my schedule. Wish me luck!