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Thread: What specific supplements to take?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brent* View Post
    I thought iodine was good for thyroid function?
    Exactly, and if you aren't eating a lot of processed foods full of sodium as a preservative you likely aren't getting enough iodine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ripped View Post

    What would they do for you? Food is nutrition and by definition, its simply what you need to stay alive and working properly. Just like how a car needs gasoline and an occasional oil change, we have requirements of our own. Those requirements come from the food that we eat!!!

    What will a supplement provide for you that regular food will not? Here's a test. Look down at your belly. Is you're tummy flat? Or do you have extra flab on your abs? If the later is true, that means you are overly nourished and don't need anything extra.

    What to know who has real deficiencies? These starving kids in Africa!!! Look:

    They have nutritional deficiencies. You don't. The only reason why you think you need supplements is because the supplement companies are good at advertising and getting you to believe that you need their products when in reality you are perfectly healthy and living well.

    By the way, this reminds me of a few guys I overheard in the gym the other day, regular fitness buffs (not competitive athletes), talking about steroids, and the one guy was complaining that his legs were too weak. It really upset me. You mean to tell me that these guys had to take illegal drugs just to get half way descent bodies? Why not work hard? Last time I knew, hard work actually works.

    Pardon me for getting off on a rant. But I hate supplement companies and advertisements. Because they only operate on getting you to believe that you need their products for some reason, useless products mind you. That's fine if it does what's necessary to make them rich, even if that means taking advantage of gullible people. But realize by buying into their sales tactics, you're also buying into the belief that you can't do it on your own. As if nobody has ever had a good body or been healthy before the invention of supplements? Come on!! It's a big crock!!!

    Let's really think about what this country has turned into over the last several decades. My grandmother used to always tell me how nutritious foods such as fruits, vegetables, and liver was for you. But now? A lot of people are so stupid that they don't even know what fruits and vegetables are. They think it's cool aid and fruit roll ups. Now they think healthy food is nutrigrain bars; it must be because its in the name, right? Eat pop tarts and frosted flakes, and a starbucks mocha for breakfast, a nutrigrain bar for snacks, McDonalds for lunch, Pizza for dinner, (don't forget your ice cream snack latter on), but as long as you have a vitamin pill you'll be ok. Maybe even throw in some ritalin, prozac, lipitor, and viagra for safe measure.
    This is a gross oversimplification. We live in a world that is incredibly different from what our ancestors lived in. I'm not saying we should be popping all types of pills but there tends to be a pretty large consesus out there that there is a vitamin D deficiency in many people. So is my doctor lying to me? Are the researchers, Mark Sisson, etc. selling pills to make a quick buck with little concern about my well being? There are days upon days of cloudy weather in Seattle, and unlike our ancestors many people work indoors. In an ideal world we would all eat nturient dense food, get sun exposure, have low stress, but this isn't practical for many people so that is why we supplement.

    You are taking a pretty extreme position, and I'd like to think I'm being a little more practical here. Vit D, and omega-3's (assuming you don't get adequete sun exposure and eat fish often) seems to be pretty practical. I'm just looking for brands and dosage recommendations. I'm more concerned with omega-3 supplementation as I already take Vit. D.

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    When I analyzed by diet I noticed I was weak in vitamin E. Because of this I started eating 4 tablespoons of sunflower seeds a day (= 100% vitamin E and 25% magnesium and more). After about two weeks of doing this I noticed improvements in my skin. Now I eat 1-4 tablespoons of sunflower seeds a day depending on other vitamin E intake.

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    Our northern clime ancestors ate many things that we don't these days. They ate not just fish, but seal, whale, etc. They ate all the internal organs. Odds are they ate the marrow and the brain, sucked the eyeballs. They did get their Vit D3 from their food, but not all the food options they had is available to us or even legal any more to hunt and eat except for aboriginals (First Nations in Canada, Alaska Natives in Alaska) and of what's left (fish) most grocers don't sell anything but a headed/cleaned fish.

    Based on that, I think supplementing D3 in the winter time is a good idea. I know that for myself personally, it's helped. When my doc originally tested my serum D levels, I was in the low 20's. I'm now in the 70's. I get sick far less often. Also, low D is being linked to autoimmune diseases (which causes which is yet undetermined) and I do have an autoimmune disease. One book I've read by an MD said that in every instance that he had a patient with an autoimmune disease they had low serum D.
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    I don't supplement for myself (have done D3 and Mg though). I eat probiotics via lacto-veggies and home made yogurt. Get O3, iodine, D, and many other minerals from seafood. Super vitamin and D via liver. Eat grass fed aged cheese for K2. Bone broths for constituents for healthy joints and bones.

    But thats me. For my kids I've debated and decided to start feeding them FCLO from green pasture. They don't eat seafood. Don't get outside much in the winter. And don't eat as varied of a diet as I do in general. FCLO will have plenty of healthy O3, D, A, and K2. I also consider this an actual food and so have many traditional societies.

    I do think that if you decide to supplement you should look for things that are closest to actual food as possible that retain all the constituents found in whole form for proper use by your body.

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    Here's a good guide from a trusted source:
    Supplement Recs | Perfect Health Diet

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